Vitamin Sonic Enhancer Waves Plugin [Review]

Vitamin Need

Vitamin Sonic Enhancer Waves PluginMultiband exciters have always been around.

Izotope does a fairly thorough job of introducing those much-needed desirable audio artefacts for warming or pushing some authentic classic transistor or tube sound from an old school mixer.

However, it’s not always that easy to use these particular on-board systems.

If you push them too far, they’ll start to sound scratchy, much like you would an amplifier.

So is the Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer something to consider for your DAW setup?

Well, I believe so.

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Waves boasts about Vitamin’s zero-latency processing.

Audio engineers could introduce instant warmth without much trouble by just using the sliders available.

“The plugin isn’t as intimidating as it seems”.

You could see the frequency crossovers up the top of the plugin that shows how the frequencies interact with each other.

For every band of frequency is a slider and knob. It has a solo and bypass function and Q settings for crispy cutting.
It also has a width master which allows you to fix your entire sound character by moving all the rotary buttons around. A master slider also allows you to do the same.
The Vitamin comes with a limiting option that allows you to trim the frequencies as you go.
Vitamin, in turn, comprises of an

  • Equalizer,
  • Saturation and a…
  • Compressor in a simple interface.

The global punch control allows you to accentuate or smoothen your transients as you add more harmonics.
The Vitamin could function as an individual or buss strip plugin. Perfect for making mixes sound better right?


Vitamin Sonic Enhancer From WavesThe Waves manual suggests that engineers pick a close preset and adjust it to your preference.

However, like any multiband exciter, all you need to do is find the right frequency.

“A little boost on the bass energy”?

Just go to the sub 150hz and you could have your own fix.

“Need a little sprucing on the presence”?

Adjust the furthest frequency and increase the shining.
One trouble I found when using this is with the midrange area. The crossover is accurate, but finding the right area to divide the guitar’s spectrum can be tough. You might find it’s radio friendly version, but this wasn’t what you needed.

One thing I’ve noticed about Vitamin is that regardless of what settings you use for your tracks, you’ll go nowhere near dirty or muddied sounds.

However, the principle with Vitamin is that less is more. The more ample you apply your settings, the better the results for your mix could be.
I’ve found a decent way to use this little plug-in in my mixes. I’ve been recording a synth-based band and every audio engineer knows how much a nightmare supersaw pads could be.

I just used it on my chain and I had those grittiness spreading everywhere stay on one spot. The result was just amazing.

Final Words

For advanced users,

this plugin can breathe new life and improve the clarity and detail of your work.

For first-time users, you could use it and take harsh settings without having the overall sound distorted or meddlesome with coloration.

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