Roland Duo Capture EX Audio Interface [Review]

Front and back of the Duo Capture

Front and Back

A Perfect companion for Minstrel’s and Musician’s looking for an Audio Interface…

Well, for a couple of hundred bucks, you might be missing out on something big in a small package!

So when you see the Duo Capture EX, should you still buy it when there’s some more potent portable hardware out there?

In this industry we’ve seen numerous portable interfaces that promise to offer great value at some exorbitant price.

Some portable hardware manufacturers probably may have answered that question long ago.

Features and Usability

Laptop Roland Duo Capture EX ComboUsually, small audio interfaces avoid using metal and keep on using plastic to shelter the hardware to keep it lightweight.

Unfortunately, plastic wears out over time, which makes it difficult because warranties won’t cover natural degradation.

The Roland Duo Capture EX is made from a compact, metal case. It’s also aluminum, so it’s probably lighter than a rack.

The official description was ‘road-tough’ and it probably means you could run a car on it and it won’t break (not advised).

The Capture EX comes with two VS Mic-Preamps. According to its official description, these preamps are of great premium quality, with microphone pre-amplifiers that you can control digitally.

It’s the same ones that they use in the V-Studio 700 (probably the VS here) as well as in the M-400 digital controlled mixer. If you’ve tested these out, well, you’re probably in for a treat.

But I honestly haven’t been in touch with most Roland interfaces.

And I know I’ll like them, to be honest.

Duo Capture Ex in the box

In the Box

It comes with a low noise power supply that allows you to have a clean, balanced in (to be honest, this is very true) and gets it’s power from the computer’s USB slot.

Duo Capture EX has two TRS and XLR Ins with phantom voltage support for microphones that need it.

So if you’re doing some vocals or playing some guitar, you have the perfect tool.

If you’re one to play with virtual amplification software, you’re good too.

If you’re one to play with synthesizers, it has a MIDI in/out just for you.

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It’s a Small Build But Kinda Messy

Design Shot RolandSmall but terrible in sound? We’ll get to that later. Small and messy? Yes indeed.

Because you have your two combo inputs up front and your monitor and without any software for the rear controls, it’ll be a mess of cords.

Now think about this when you’re editing on a desktop.

Also, when you insert headphones, the monitors do not turn off, which makes it a bit of a headache when you’re working late.

The Duo Capture Side Of Things

It isn’t called a Capture EX without the Duo and Capture part being elaborated.

Because it’s designed for mobile musicians, this piece of gear has an Apple iOS app called the Duo Capture EX.

It features a simple DAW that allows you to do some basic editing with cut and paste and overdubbing your recording.

The app that comes with the hardware is just a demo and if you want to blow the app wide open, you could buy the application.

Just like its other portable interface counterparts, it’s pretty useful if you want to record music everywhere.

And then do some heavy editing and improving when you get home with a sharing application that only requires you have both devices connected to the same WIFI network

How does it Sound?

On top View

On top View

Does the Roland Duo Capture EX do its magic in the studio? Are the “VS” preamps it boasted something memorable and to be proud of?

Yes, it sounds really awesome.

The recording part is clear and pure.

While there are hints of digital here and there, it’s nothing to disturb so much as professional musicians would want to think.

Audiophiles might irk and complain but will forgive the hardware for the tone but you could create some nice music with this if you have a great DAW.

It also has some low latency that makes it an excellent hardware to have.

Let’s discuss the verdict with these words

Roland-Duo-Capture-EX-ReviewLovely, portable, and built like a tank, this interface is one for audio engineers on the run.

This means that they are audio engineers who have projects everywhere and need to run from time to time.

With a rugged chassis and pretty solid sound, you could record almost anything using the Roland Duo Capture EX Audio Interface.

So have a recording session outside with some bus-powered goodness!

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