Puigtec MEQ-5 Waves Plugin Review [Jack’s Vintage EQ]

The Midrange Master!

The Puigtec MEQ-5 Waves PluginThe Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer sounds like something limiting.

Having only a midrange frequency to work with an equalizer is not really a great idea to be honest.

But why did the MEQ-5 reach such stellar levels if it was designed to act only on a small frequency range?

Time to answer that little inquiry with the Puigtec MEQ-5

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 Designed by Jack Puig Himself

Jack Joseph Puig ImageThe Puigtec MEQ-5 was designed alongside famed audio engineer Jack Joseph Puig.

He had contributed work for the entire suite when it comes to design and sonic accuracy especially with the key parts.

It has one channel, a three-band midrange equalizer that has controls for low frequency shelving at 20-100hz, a midrange bandwidth control and a high frequency shelving from 3khz to 16khz.

Aside from the three-band equalization, there’s a boost function with an attenuator knob to cut off certain nuances for both low and high shelving frequencies.

It also has a master gain control to control that possible distortion when it interacts with other plugins or rack devices.

Sounds Vintage to Me!!

The original Pultec MEQ-5 where the plugin was based from was used in many vintage recordings.

Turning up the boost on the low, I felt the low-mids rise in my mix. They sounded a little humpy, but a few adjustments more and I felt that the sound warmed up and sounded what I would consider decent for my recording needs.

Classic Pultec MECM-5 Mastering EQI found out that the Puigtec MEQ-5 had a sharper tone when I compared it to the original Pultec MEQ-5.

The original had a rich voice. But it is possible the Puigtec MEQ-5’s sharp sound is due to it being digital.

Now, before you say anything, I know that Waves has worked hard with oversampling and technology to maintain the true accuracy of the Pultec MEQ5 with the Puigtec MEQ-5.

But I still sense that digital harshness, especially when I run the audio over my studio headphones.

But that can be resolved with a bit of eq reductions before the original signal enters the MEQ-5. I came close to the original sound after doing a few eq tricks right there.

I found it to be very useful when recording guitars, vocals and even some bass. The harmonics have definitely increased and I felt a presence that no other plugin could provide.

The plugin also has a very low noise floor. Similar to the original Pultec MEQ-5, it has a low hissing sound. The plugin even emulates this sound with the mains input that could range from 50-60hz and create the analog noise.

Do I need to tell more!

If ever you needed something to breathe new life into your guitar recordings, try using the Puigtec MEQ-5. It’s capable of breathing new life to your vocals, woodwind effects and any kind of sound that has a rich-midrange.

This is not completely limiting than what I originally thought it was to be honest. The midrange comprises most of today’s songs and with a clear midrange introduced by this nifty plugin, it becomes more than just an emulation.

Again, I didn’t focus on how near Waves came up to emulate the Pultec MEQ-5. The plugin sounds amazing if used properly! Please Share or Comment