PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Audio Interface (Review)


audiobox designPreSonus did something that nobody had ever done in the past so well: Create an audio interface that directly communicates with a mobile device, such as an iPad or a smartphone.

While smartphones aren’t really capable of handling all of the loads needed by audio recording, they’re quite useful if used effectively.

This is what makes the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Audio Interface Great! In Combo with its Capture Duo App.

Features and Specs

itwo front back

Front & Back

  • The iTwo has a MIDI In/Out pair.
  • Two Combo Inputs in the Front. (For Line inputs, Mic’s and instruments)
  • 2 Outputs in the back.
  • A Headphone out in the front and back.
  • A USB 2.0 powered data link.

The fun part about it is that you could use your device’s charger to power up your unit and then plug in the device port your iPad’s own special USB cable.

As simple as it looks for $160, the better it actually performs.

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The Capture Duo App

Along with the iTwo, you get a free application called the Captured Duo. This allows you to record audio using your iPad or smartphone device.

Capture Duo App

Connect to your Ipad

It allows you to record two tracks simultaneously and save your device.

If you want to blast this thing wide open as a full interface, you have to buy the full version, priced at $9.99. This allows you to record 32 sources simultaneously.

The Duo App gives you a simple interface that should remind you of some of the best DAWs around.

While it’s pretty basic, it’s more about recording your audio. You could do some basic editing, but it would be best to transfer it to your DAW.

Digital Audio Workstation Studio ONE

in the box itwoThe Nice thing with the iTwo is that you get the Artist edition of their flagship Daw: Studio One.

PreSonus has Studio One that could export your recorded audio from Capture Duo to your laptop for extensive editing.

It’s also a simple DAW, but it’s probably something you won’t want to use.

The best thing about Studio One and Capture Duo is that if both your units are on the same WiFi network, you’ve got no trouble transferring files.
Think of the PreSonus iTwo as a digital camera with WiFi functionality that you could transfer files quickly for editing. This is a plus for me.


audiobox series

Audio Box Series

Like with most things, it has a downside. The PreSonus iTwo will satisfy almost anybody wanting to record at any time in the convenience of their own bedroom or somewhere else, even the mountains.

Plug this in with a MacBook Air and a good USB interface and you’ll have no trouble at all.
But if you’re one to be quite careful with your analog inputs or you want to record stuff using microphones, this might not be the right processor for you.

However, if you love using some high quality amplifier emulators or other pieces of great emulation software, then this is just for you.

It even has low latency for those DI recording where you need to monitor things.

The Conclusion with these Final Words

audiobox itwo frontThe PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Audio Interface is certainly a gem for the travelling musician.

It’s also very convenient given that you could use the device as it’s own interface using your own Apple iPad device.

However, because it only works with Apple Tablet devices, this can be pretty limiting.

Also, it’s not for most audiophiles even though the sound quality is something out of this world at 96kHz.

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