Presonus Audiobox 22VSL audio interface (Review)

Presonus Audiobox 22VSL PAckageThis two channels of inputs and outputs is the first in the line of VSL series to be featured on the market.

This cool little interface is powered by USB and fitted in a steel box that will endure many hits. The front two inputs are cobo slots that offer inserts for Microphones as well as instruments.

So you can easily take this along to a gig and simply record the stereo output of any source.

This unit also comes with the Fat channel that is standard on any channel of it’s very biggest brother the studio live. It’s not even that expensive going for $200.- a piece.

The Different Presonus VSL Serie Products

The other core units of this line are the 44VSL and the 1818 VSL. So there are three units that differ only in size and input output connectivity.

The biggest having 8 mic/line inputs while the smallest has two. The cool thing about this product is that the latency is almost not noticeable because of the tight software that gives you the same prestigious process power of it’s big brother.

And all this is connected with a USB2 slot to your pc or mac.

Quality of the 22VSL

Audiobox 22VSL Picture

These three units in this line give you the quality of conversion that you can get out of any Presonus product.

The XMAX A class preamplifiers give you that range of 114decibel with the cleanest converters that you can expect in this price range. Nice about this one is that they fitted midi connectivity for delight as well.

The best thing about the 22VSL is that the software that controls the connection between the 22VSL and your computer is of very low latency.

It also come packed with dynamic effects that you can load up without any hassle on ingoing and outgoing signals within the software.

These dynamic effects have a huge bundle of pre-programmed presets that allow you to enhance your recordings before even hitting your Daw with audio signals. And that my friend is just super cool.

You get a DAW for free with it

Studio One

All the audio interfaces of the Presonus brand come with a Artist edition of their flagship software called Studio ONE. Studio one is a Digital workstation that came to market a few years ago, nobody expected it to be as good as it is today.

Some people even went from Cubase to using the Presonus DAW, so it must be impressive.

22VSL Result

So if your looking for a small unit that you can take with you, while still having the ability to record tracks with quality sound this one is for you. The nice addition to the unit is that you get those Fat Channel dynamic effects and the Studio One artist bundle with it. For a product within this price range and the extra’s you get, it could be the first buy of a beginning producer or DJ.

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