Online Rappers – Creating Succes Online

How to become a Successful Online Rapper

I have discussed some pointers already in the articles TIPS FOR RAPPERS, but i wanted to go a little bit deeper into the subject. First of all i’m going to name all the things that are required to get you there. Social media, your own website with a blog, music, video’s, a budget, and lets not forget the fans. If you can’t reach the people how are you going to be successful anywhere. As we know the Internet is a fast growing cloud of information, and you as a rapper want to be there chilling on cloud nine or whatever. For that you must use smart strategies and be active on social media. You want the social media to point to your own site so you can get dedicated followers, to check out your music and video’s. I must point out that you can’t get anywhere without a budget. At some point you will have to spend some money, and certainly when it comes to the Internet, music, and video’s. Yes you can do it without spending money, but time is money. So if you have a lot of time to spend on your online career use it wisely and you may end up as one of the Successful Online Rappers.

Online rappers creating succes online

Social media

The role of social media is a big one today, from getting interactive with people to boosting your own website with authority and credibility. Every company, every “good” website, and every rapper is using it to their own advantage. Social media is a easy thing, but can become complicated if you have to manage every account that you have. And i’m sorry to say that if you don’t have a team or company to do it, you will have to do it yourself. And you must do it twice a week at a minimum. Creating accounts on all the social media out there is step one of the whole process, after that comes getting followers, friends, and fans. And then we have the interactive engaging part of it all. It is a pain in the butt, but if you are serious about your online rapping career you must do so. You don’t have to use all, use that ones that you love and will benefit your cause and goals.

Your own Website

I can’t tell artists enough that they must have their own website. I’ll say it again! Get your own website! Not only does it give people a place to go to, but it also takes your career to the next level. As a rapper you are a business with a product, so see it as such. Take every idea that you have for your website, and everything you want to display there and write it down. Make a structure and build it yourself or let someone else do it. If you want we can do that for a very competitive price aswel. Sorry for the advertisement but I had to make that clear. Make your website a place to enjoy, and a place where you can express yourself. Let people find out who you are! If it sounds to complicated, ask a friend to help you out, you never know if somebody close to you is the person you where looking for.

Online Rappers are Blogging

Yes you read it right! Rappers are blogging. I know it sounds a little bit fruity, but they certainly are. Lil Wayne is a good example of that, if you just check out his twitter account he keeps his audience pleased. But blogging on social media is one thing, blogging on your own website is another. You can rank your different blog pages within google, so that when someone types in your blog title you have the chance of getting that blog page to rank high in google search. I’m not going to explain to you how to blog, you can find a lot of information on the web. But this post is an example of correct blogging. Be smart and you will figure out what the correct way of blogging is.

HipHop Music and Video’s

As an artist getting your tracks out there is one of the most important things you must do. Give people quality and don’t settle for a unprofessional product, this will cost money. But if you are really want to make it in the industry, quality is importance. I’ll give a example: A record label gets hundreds of demo’s every day or week, which CD will they pick out? The all white CD cover with some text on there, or will they go for that one with High Quality art on the cover? Thats just the cover, but that’s how everything beyond that goes as well. A hole lot of people are sheep, sorry if I offended you. A hundred plays on google won’t make your video go viral by it self, but a thirty-thousand plays may jump start an explosion of new plays.

A Budget

Did you know that I stick at least 20% of my income into my company or projects! That’s because I treat them just as how I treat my own life, I invest in them. Where can a company go without funding, where will your life go without funding? Don’t know how to stress this more without it sounding so negative. But hey, if you have a good plan and the right mind set this could be your advantage. Become your own manager and write down what your priorities are. Every company starts with a plan, and if that plan isn’t written on paper it remains an idea.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to comment and like, share, or whatever you feel like. Thanks for reading… Jay.