Nektar Panorama P6 Midi Keyboard Controller [Review]

Almost The Keyboard Of The Gods, Almost.

Nektar Panorama P6 Midi Keyboard Controller Image

Nektar Panorama P6

For $600, what do you expect from a MIDI keyboard controller?

Something full-weighted and capable of handling almost anything you throw at it.

Well, you could always test out what you really want with some cheap MIDI controllers that have limited features so that one day you could invest in something that really suits your needs.

Maybe it’s the Nektar Panorama P6.

Honestly, I can never get enough of this keyboard.

Ultra Sleek Spacious Design

This MIDI keyboard controller from Nektar is a semi-weighted keyboard that gives you enough weight and resistance to play live piano and fast enough to play some of those ultra-speed organ and synth solos to match your guitar player (if you play with an ultra-instrumental band).

Nektar’s P-series is made from something really solid. It is plastic, but it looks like metal.

Nektar Panorama P6 Back Angle

I’ll be real with you, looking at its construction out of the box for the first time is something that’s really beautiful. It actually looks like a pretty woman with curves.

The black on white color scheme brings so much simplicity that it’s easy to focus on your playing. It also shouts expensive (which it is at $599 to be honest).

With a weight of just under 7kg, this is a great, portable keyboard.

You also have pairs of

  • illuminated pitch-bend
  • modulation wheels,
  • octave up/down buttons and…
  • programmable buttons.

Meanwhile, you have 9 sliders, 16 continuous rotary knobs, eight buttons, 12 drum pads with pressure, transport controls and a colorful and bright TFT screen.

Nektar Panorama P6 Above

From Above

While editing your patches, you have buttons that allow you to Undo and Click. This is useful when you’re moving through its several operation modes including:

Mixer, Instrument, Transport and Internal.

When DAW automation is active, you could use the 100mm ALPS motorized faders that has its own Mute and Solo buttons for the selected track. Pretty useful if you’re a music arranger loving some DAW use.

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Software Integrated With Most DAWS

The Nektar Panorama P6 is designed to work flawlessly with Propellerhead’s Reason. You could assign several patches to your drum pad to Kong, ReDrum and Dr. OctoRex.

Transport control and Transport Looper allows you to assign musical bars to your pads that allow the creation of interesting and spontaneous loop combination.

However, the P6 extends its features towards Steinberg’s Cubase. The Mixer control mentioned earlier allows you to:

  • control EQ,
  • sends, inserts and…
  • Quick controls.

You could view the eight insert slots and which plugins you could edit. Nektar is still updating its list to have plugins work flawlessly with your keyboard.

Definitely, the 100mm ALPS motorized fader is pretty awesome when you’re editing some automation on your DAW.

Here Are My Final Words About This Great Product

In use, it can be a bit noisy with the mechanical sounds going about. But for a live performer, that’s not going to be a problem because your guitar player (again, if you play in a band) produces exorbitant mechanical noise than you (and don’t ask about drummer mechanical noise; they’re meant to do that.)

But in the studio, you could always isolate your speakers or do a line-in and nothings going to be a problem.

Overall, this thing is an investment. But with all the nifty features that will definitely come in handy for any audio situation, this is the keyboard of the gods!

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