Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB Interface (Review)

KOMPLETE-6Do you need a versatile solution, for performing, recording, mixing and mastering.

A well build 6-channel audio interface. All for a very, very affordable price.

Are you quite the virtual instruments junkie?
Or do you just want to record audio, to be honest. Komplete Audio 6 is everything a musician needs.

Ni komplete audio 6: Not For Audio Geeks, More For Musicians

It’s not exactly what an audio engineer would want to purchase.
But…“life” would be easier for the beginning music producer if he or she had a six-channel audio interface.

As you can see this thing right here..
Looks like a “fortress”. Don’t you think
It has no shaky sockets and knobs right here.

Three ViewsFeatures and Specs:

  • The unit has 4 analog inputs.
  • 2 balanced mic/line/instrument quarter inch and XLR inputs.
  • It also has 4 balanced analog outputs.
  • A digital stereo input and output.
  • Complete with S/PDIF technology for great transmission and recording.

So What’s In The Package

You’ll have a unit, a five feet USB cable, and the install disc. The Komplete Elements package has the full versions of Guitar Rig, Kontakt and Reaktor, Native Instruments plugins for virtual instruments.

If you’re using Traktor from Native Instruments, this is what you’ll need. You also get a 30 day trial of Cubase LE, which only requires you to sign up for a membership if you want it to remain free. That’s quite cool, I should say.

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Usage: I’m sometimes a guitar person and sometimes a piano person, so Guitar Rig and Reaktor suit me fine.

When my session drummer comes in, he comes and plays with Kontakt, which has some cool selection of samples. But my friend brings his own samples from his own studio (because he likes it that way.)

AUDIO 6 Options

AUDIO 6 Options

Finally completing the set up of my Komplete Audio 6,  and I’m quite thrilled to say that there’s no latency with Guitar Rig.

While virtual rigs aren’t really much my thing, they’re pretty cool to use.

Using it with other virtual instruments, there’s been no lag in the project.

I pushed down the buffer to lower levels and I found a sweet spot for playing virtual instruments without much trouble.

Pro’s And Cons


To be honest, the analog to digital conversion is quite unsatisfying because there’s a great level of digital grit that you could immediately hear.

However, it’s quite small and portable, which is a plus.

Another is that despite its small appearance, it handles all the audio processing, which removes all the trouble from your CPU and internal system.

Also, if you want to mix low levels of audio considering the unity level, this audio processor is way loud. I can say it’s really louder than most units.

While it may work to your advantage or disadvantage, I just think it’s a good feature to have, to be honest.

Price: approx. $230.

Final Words and opinion:

So.. If you’re looking to record some good audio and you’re on a budget.

Do you want more of portability and less latency, then the Komplete Audio 6 is just for you.

I’ve recommended it to three friends who are all musicians and they say that live, the rig is definitely killing it.

A friend of mine tested it for recording and I believe he just found what he was looking for.

Low latency allowed him to do some good re-amping. He also mentions that not using Guitar Rig and using other plugins work seamlessly with the interface.

So there you go, Try it, I believe it’s worth the price!

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