Metric Halo ULN-8 Review [Firewire Audio Interface]

Audio Heaven, For A Price

Metric haloEver looked for a complete studio in a box? That’s the Metric Halo ULN-8.

An Astounding Analog sound and signal path!

With eight analog inputs that could switch from being a line-in input to a microphone XLR jack..COMBO!

This s what you’ve been looking for, in a 1U rackmount unit.

Features to be recognized

halo uln-8 led lightsEveryone’s been looking for the perfect eight-channel interface without looking quite bulky or cluttered.

For us, there’s the Metric Halo ULN-8…

Along with its signature superb eight analog inputs switchable between line and microphone, it also has a switchable phantom power supply for your condenser microphones.

To add to this is lots of gain that can cleanly lift up the lowest signals in a studio…

On the right, you have a monitor knob that is switchable between monitor and headphone control, which is convenient for us looking for details and wanting to make sure the audio sounds as we want it in real time.

The front panel also has two DI inputs for the virtual guitarist, keyboardist and Whatever-ist. And that’s just awesome!

The Software Routing capabilities

Rotary knobsAs with every interface we’ve almost encountered on a frequent basis, the MIO console is something different.

It’s not a DAW, but it’s a software mixer that is in between your DAW and your interface.

This allows you the ability to configure the system to whichever kind of purpose you need it to be. Every individual channel has a control section that allows you to set inputs and gains.

It’s on-board DSP is some of the most powerful out there in the market.

ULN-8 picture

The Back

Utilizing its analog features while enhancing usability and capability using DSP’s that allow you to interchange between transformer and valve options are pretty great.

These will then allow you to add plugs on your insert points to process your signal digitally.

So, in essence, you don’t even need your DAW to process your signal. But of course, many of us will want it to run through our DAW to use with our favorite plugins

Modded Version?

jensen transformer

Jensen Transformer

A cool thing you might want to know and consider. Is buying this versatile piece of gear with expanded mod.

The expansion consists of Jensen transformers, giving you an even greater smooth analog sound.

The sound that we all come to love since the birth of audio playback and recording.

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One Shot Recording

Perhaps one of the best qualities of the Metric Halo ULN-8 is its capability to record everything DI while still sounding magnificent as if your recorded in a real studio all at the same time.

Halo series

The Halo series

It’s also expansive. You could run it through your favorite analog processing chain using them as inserts.

It’s impossible not to sculpt the best sound that you hope to achieve with this unit.
If you’re recording analog synths, a guitar and a bass DI, you’ve really got no problem with the ULN-8.


Final Though with these Words

Perhaps the only downside of this unit is its price. It’s really and very not cheap. If you’re a professional recording studio, the investment of at least $6000 is something you’d want to consider multiple times.

If you’re a bedroom producer with money to burn, this can be yours…for anywhere around the $2500.-

But the payoff is really something worth your money. Providing you with a professional studio sound that only requires two monitors and just a pair of high-resolution headphones.

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