Make your Own Beats

How to start making your Own Beats

I will start off with a quick introduction on how to make your own beats. There are a few things which you will need to make beats by yourself. You will need a onboard sound card, or preferable an usb/firewire outboard sound card. You will need a Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W) and some audio Plugins to compliment the D.A.W. Some things you might want to get are a midi keyboards, and a mic to sample some live instruments. Mic for RAP

Choosing an audio sound-card for making beats

Depending on your demands and what you want to accomplish there are enough choices in sound-cards for making beats. Some good brand names are RME, ECHO AUDIO, FOCUSRITE, APOGEE, and MOTU. I would stick to these brands because they offer great quality, all are in different price ranges. You can go with the cheaper brands, but in my experience you will eventually want to get more quality stuff. So save some money a little bit longer and get that high quality gear.

Make your own beats

How to make your own beats

A Digital Audio Workstation for beats

There are a bunch of choices when it comes to D.A.W.’s, and it doesn’t really matter which program you use as long as what comes out of it is what you wanted. But there are a few D.A.W’s that focus on making beats: Fruityloops and Reason. We can go and debate this topic but this is my 2 cents on it. If I should choose one of these programs I would go for Fruityloops and I will explain why. Reason does not support VST plugins! (yes thats it). An other reason maybe the learning curve of fruityloops, which can be learned very fast.

Start to make your own beats

If you are entirely new to making beats, get to know your program first in all details. There are enough tutorials to get you started, look it up on Youtube and you will find a large collection on this topic. When it’s all said and done and you know your program, start to remake existing beats and get a feel of what is going on in the High Quality Beats Industry. Once you get a feel of all elements you can proceed and make your own unique beats.

Make Your Own Beats Online

So whats next?

Mann, I can tell you a whole bunch of whats up next! But to stay in the topic, I would say manipulating sound, mixing, and mastering your projects. Manipulating sound has everything to do with mixing, you want to get that sound as you want to hear it. There are all types of plugins and effects to help you out on creating that sound that you want. Mixing is like manipulating sound, but instead of creating one type of sound to use on your beats your focus will lay on getting the whole projects to sound perfect. Meaning that one sound doesn’t conflict with the other while on the same time getting your project to sound the way you like. Mastering is focussing on the smaller details and getting the overall track the quality of your desired medium.

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