Make a Beat Online Free Tutorial

Beat Making Online Free Tutorial

First of all you need a computer and a D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation). The workstation will form the basis of your production studio or home music lab. While most producers find it easy to use midi controllers such as a keyboards or touch buttons, but you can also do without these equipment. One of the best examples of a good workstation where you can do without midi controllers, is the digital beat and music workstation FruityLoops. FruityLoops is a product from the brand Image Line, and it is a wonderful D.A.W. for beginners but also does a terrific job for the more advanced producers among us. We advise you to check it out by downloading a trial version from the internet or webpage.

How to make a Beat Online Free Turorial

Make a beat free online

Make a beat free online

Make a beat using fruityloops

Using fruity loops can be an easy way to make a beat. This D.A.W. has an easy learning curve, and when I was a teenager this was the first workstation I used to make beats. It has it’s own build in effects and virtual instruments (VST). One of the best Image Line vst’s would be the 3X-OSC, this is a basic synthengine which enables you to sculpt sound out of basic wave forms and combine them. Use this VST in combination with some effects and you can create big and famous sounds.

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Beat Making Free online Tutorial Fruityloops

Making a beat is easy

This Video shows you how to make a simple beat using FL Studio. Although this video was made for beginners, to learn the basics are fundamental for creating your own workflow. It’s a good introduction into the world of digital production and beat making. I love that you can just simply click in your notes and patterns in the project. Keep in mind that if you want to create great sounding beats, you must also learn the art of mixing and layering sound.

Using VST’s to create sound for your beats

This probably the first thing you want to do after you have familiarized yourself with Fruiyloops or any D.A.W. There are tons of different VST’s to use on your beats. Some big brand names are Native Instruments, Spectrasonic, East West, Nexus, and many more. We will be posting a article about some of the best VST’s and effects very soon.

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