KNS 8400 and 6400 Headphones from KRK [REVIEW]

Definitely The ‘Most’ Bang For Your Buck!

KRK KNS Headphones 8400 & 6400 ImageKRK is the brand we all know about those little monitors that aren’t too expensive but sound really great as you listen to details and monitor the sound and mix.

While everything sounds fairly well with the speakers, how are their headphones holding up?

Let’s see.

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Special Foamed Design

KNS 6400 & 8400 Ear CushionsKRK’s 6400 is designed with a special foam. According to KRK’s official promotion, “the special foam conforms to the ear to help ensure an improved fit.”

To be true, I tried mixing for countless hours with both the KRK 6400 and KRK 8400.

Both are of the same design and made of the same non-audio materials (the 8400 is more detailed, I’ll get to that later).

They are definitely headphones you want to wear during long sessions.

The special foam, whatever it is, does not have you perspiring. I’ve worked on projects for 8 hours and still, I haven’t felt a drip come down my cheeks.

You might say I have air-conditioning. Yeah I do, but any audio engineer can tell you that oil and perspiration come close together to make a recording, mixing or mastering session a very uncomfortable ride.

These are close-backed headphones but the cups with the foams rather fit nicely with the ears. The headband adjusts according to your head shape and it doesn’t hug like there’s no tomorrow. Clamping force is extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

The loveliness of the KRK service is that every part of both the 6400 and 8400 can be replaced. So if you don’t like some parts of the KRK 6400 that is non-audio, you could purchase the spare parts and fix it yourself!

Now it’s time to get to the sound.

Amazing Sound

6400 & 8400 Comparison Frequency ResponseFirst, the 6400. Any audio engineer and recording artist wants a flat-frequency-response headphones to monitor their performance.

When I first plugged the 6400, I was amazed. It was like the Beyerdynamic DT880-600 without that harsh treble peak.

In fact, the best thing about it was that you could get the same sound for just less than $100.

I mean, that would be perfect for studios looking for recording gear fodder inside the studio.

Not that it’s of bad make. The headphone hardware looks like it’s not going to destroy itself anytime soon.

If you’re looking for something that’s bass heavy and has some variations, it’s not the 6400. These were designed for analytical listening. These sound flat but they are not dull-sounding to be honest. These are perfect for monitoring instruments and mixing your overall sound!

The 8400 sounds immensely different from the 6400 in a good way. While much pricier than its counterpart, they are of the same design but it has more emphasis on its midrange. It was definitely intended for analytical listening and mixing.

KRK focused their sound design to resemble the experience of listening to their studio monitors. indeed they succeeded and they have a very strong upper-mid range. Yes the bass and 22khz to 30khz are can be heardand are of great quality too!

Final Words

No doubt, just buy these headphones! I wouldn’t say any more. Buying something that is less than $400 or even $100 at this sound range is clearly something worth checking out!

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