In-depth Nexus 2 Synth Review (Extremely Surprising Plugin)

nexus 2 refxMusic producers couldn’t get enough of the reFX Nexus 1.

In the last few years, the revolutionary sampler had become invaluable for synth players looking for high-quality samples, presets or creating a new sound.

Its crisp and clean sound, along with the Arts Acoustic Reverb and other effects have become invaluable for live electronic music players.

Then in 2010, reFX released Nexus 2.

According to reFX, they’ve worked with well-known audio producer Manuel Schleis and other producers they haven’t mentioned in creating the new plugin.

Manuel Schleis

The Characteristics of a Powerhouse.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a synth or an individual VST instrument. It’s a ROMpler. Producers cannot create new sounds from the Nexus 2. But then again, you could always run it through other plugins and create a new sound entirely, if you’re up for the task.
However, the product helps you do that using tweak knobs and on-board effects included. You may not find the raw audio sample, but I don’t think you’ll need it.

It’s Worth Its Price

I’ve used the digital audio workstation REAPER in my productions even until today (it’s the cheapest, most powerful DAW I’ve ever encountered so far). If you buy it as a bundle, you get one library expansion free. The “Club Music” bundle includes dance-oriented plugins, including some great Dubstep sounds. The “Contemporary Pop” bundle has some expansions that range from hip-hop to Hollywood.

You could get the entire deal for $2000. Well, again if you’re up for it.

So I bought the Club Music bundle for $449. In addition to its 6GB-sized 1100 factory library, I have thousands of other samples to play with.

Extremely Surprising

I’ve been working with other brands, such as Reason, Ableton, some actual synth hardware and a multitude of individual samplers for specific purposes such as orchestra arrangements and choirs. When I loaded the samples in REAPER, I was so amazed. The samples sound so full, so rich. You could definitely say Manuel Schleis’ work is superb already, but this pushes the bar further.

I’ve been messing around with the Dubstep expansion as it is my home genre. The sounds are definitely something else. One sample I recall had me spend three hours tweaking the knobs to find the right sound for my new song.

If you ever meant to spend $449 or even $249 for just the basic pack, this is definitely one of the best investments you could ever make.

Really User-Friendly Controls

One thing we don’t really like about virtual instruments is complicated controls. I’ve had my share of horror stories about reading manuals instead of jumping into the product. However, Nexus 2 surprised me that you could adjust the signal flow and adjust the feed to the filter modifier quickly. With just a short cut and boost with the filters, delay and reverbs. If you really love going into more specific effect additions, the Nexus 2 manual is actually a walk in the park.

It’s a great advantage to learn what each module the Nexus 2 has to offer. After owning it for a year, I’ve definitely saved more than an hour in processing the sound I like, and what fits in a song or mix.


When I use new virtual instruments for the first time, I load it, then I use other effects and plugins to modify the sound to my liking. It was just nice to see how it interacts nicely and retains its rich sound as it passes through multiple signals.

I experimented re-creating that sound using its on-board effects and filters and was pretty amazed that it is quite the CPU saver. It uses only a bit of CPU power for its interface. With the modern hard disks of new laptops and computers, a large sample library shouldn’t be a problem. And of course, music producers will always have a budget for their ever-expanding library.

Final Thoughts

It seems not worth the price to buy it given that it’s just a ROMpler that limits your creativity. But if you listen carefully, Nexus 2’s sample library quality is just out of this world. Considering its interface, it definitely saves you hours of work in the studio.

It’s possible to illegally download the software from torrent sites, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The library of expansions is such a great loss for just a pirated version. It actually has a reFX demo that allows you to use the software for 16 hours before you are prompted to upgrade. You have our recommendation for this product. Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

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