How to become a DJ and Get the Gigs you want

How To become a DJ?

Wait hold up! Are you yet another dude or gal that wants become a DJ? Or better yet a well known Disc Jockey for that matter. There are some ups and downs if you are interested in becoming one these days. The down side is that there are a lot of people that want to spin records and thus the competition is fairly high at the moment. Most recently many people are motivated in becoming one because of the money they see famous DJ’s making in the scene. Yes, being a Dj has it’s up sides. The wages are extremely good, even if you are just starting out with your first official gig and the local club or some avenue. The wages in Europe and the States are about $150 dollars for a Dj that is just starting out. How many people in your connection circle makes that kind of money per hour? If you grew up in a high society it will be different I guess. But for the most of us this is not a normal wage.

How to become a DJ

Learn Dj skills

Because I’m a great fan of the Hip Hop genre you can not spin unless you can scratch, beat juggle or do some crazy stuff with the turntables. I know this is an old-school view on the subject but I had to point it out because of my passion. With that said go out on youtube and get familiar with all the Deejay techniques out there. But most importantly if you are just starting out you want to find yourself a mentor. This mentor can be an online tutor or a dude or Dudette in the flesh. Learn how to mix in different tracks with each other and make the crowd go wild. You would probably want to focus on one genre at first and then expand within your taste. You know that electronic music such as house and all forms of dance are the most rewarding. And with rewarding I mean more money for your pockets. Not that it’s about money, you shouldn’t even begin if you don’t have the drive. It’s gonna be a year or some to even get to the point where you are confident enough.


Buy some good audio equipment


The first step would be for you to buy yourself some good stuff to master your skills with. If your interested in the house genre I would say go out and buy mixing gear from Native instruments. The whole Tracktor series is a sweat deal and will set you up with everything you need in this day and age ( It’s fairly easy these days to learn how to Deejay with stuff like Tracktor. Here is a list of things you need if you would go for a setup like this: A laptop, DJ (Tracktor) software, mixing gear with a build in audio interface, some good speakers (KRK’s are widely chosen) and some decent headphones. Listen to me closely now! When buying headphone choose the one with closed cans I prefer AKG’s and do not ever go out and buy Beats by Dre! Beats by Dre won’t give you the signal that the music originally has, it produces a boosted signal and thus the signal is diluted from how it was intended to sound. Take my word as an Audio engineer for it!

Now you can spin as a DeeJay

DJ equipment

Lets say you got the skills and know how and you know you got what it takes. It’s just not enough, it never is. You must record some of your sets and get them out there! If you can remix stuff with Digital audio workstations it’s even better to blend in your remixes in there to! If you look at all the famous DJ’s of these days you will find out one thing, they have their own music production tracks. Having your own remixes really steps up your game and you need to be ahead of the DJ’s that are slacking!

Marketing a DJ | Get the gigs you need

Your a Dee-Jay and you need gigs right? Here are some tips you may already know but if you didn’t think about it here it is. Get yourself some social presence. By this I mean social media websites, audio sharing websites and even your own website. Get a designer or make a logo yourself. Go out and and get a photo shoot or multiple with a professional or do it yourself. The next step is to make a mix-tape and business card. Make sure your designs stand out! If you got all these steps done and they are in place the next best thing for you to do is to go out to the clubs. Go to all the venues where you would like to have a gig and give your mix tape and business card to the owners or managers. This step may seem to 1995 but it still is the thing to do! I have a friend that went from a unknown Dj in the Netherlands to a Deejay that spins in the hottest clubs in Jakarta. The only thing he did was following this articles content. It’s just crazy! I hope this helps you on the road of becoming a Dee-Jay! Peace, respect and much luck on your journey, JAY.DJ GIGS

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