Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Review [USB2 Audio Interface]

Focusrite Scarlett DesignThe sound quality is great plus the versatility of this unit is seriously something you would consider in this price range…

This piece of superb audible quality gear, is one you would that you would definitely want to check out!

That is if we are talking about a home studio setup that needs quality when recording and mixing your tracks.

It is one that belongs to a bigger family of the Focusrite’s Scarlett series USB interfaces.

A Powerful Heart, But does it need More Physique?

Front and Back of the Scarlett 8i6


Every new kind of audio interface wants you to believe that they’re better than the competition.

Believe me, we’ve all been there.

“This product promises better sonic quality… up to sample rates, KHZ and more…”

Honestly, I’ve grown tired of these kinds of promises because all I really want is a usable, durable audio interface.

Something that goes with an 8 inputs and 6 outputs audio at a good price for many of us.
Yeah guys, I think I found it. Welcome the Focusrite Scarlette 8i6. It’s really something else.

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DSP Plugins in the Scarlett

DSP Plugins in the Scarlett

Specs and Features

Sounds like a convincing little preamp that we could use. Focusrite also provides a suite of VST/AU/RTAS plugins.

That’s your basic compression, reverb, gating and equalization. It’s a pretty normal package, wouldn’t you say?

Special Features

The 8i6 has a cool scarlet red color. It has two combo preamp slots that allow you to insert an XLR from a direct box or a quarter-inch cable. Of course, they have gain pots for each combo input.

The Scarlett isn’t about direct box XLR recordings (but if ever you want to use virtual amplifiers or instruments, you could always go for this direction). Phantom power designed for low-power condenser mics are always here if needed.

Focusrite Scarlett Series Family

Focusrite Scarlett Series Family

From behind, you see your MIDI In/Out, and your Sony Philips Digital Interface, which records your instruments in a digital way, but with no loss in terms of translation (analog >digital).

The real magic is that you have six slots for a line output.

So if you’re mastering for some surround systems, this is great. However, I don’t recommend it if you’re mastering a 5.1 surround system.

Using this Scarlett out of the box

8i6 pictureYep, you have to expect this part. Out from the box, I had some trouble with its software drivers.  Also, you’re going to have some trouble with a 3-feet cable if you’re using a desktop. You could always convert it with a 10-feet cable.

Also, it has a three-pronged adapter. If you’re not from Europe, it could mean trouble and you’re going to need a special adapter or special country order which they have.

Not all of the plugins included with the 8i6 are really free, some are just trial versions And you’ll gonna need a pretty decent set of good plugins. But if you’re just starting out, the suite, along with the included mixer, takes the cake very well.

Another problem is that the knobs and slots are wiggly. When you plug in your adapter, you could feel how loose the slot is. I advise that you tape your adapter plug when you plug it in and prevent moving the slot, or not.

A couple of words to finish the deal

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 ReviewIf you’re not too fidgety with your audio Preamps, you won’t have much trouble.

As long as you handle your hardware with great attention, the software should do everything for you.

Take extra care in plugging and unplugging your quarter-inch cables and XLRs because even if the Focusrite 8i6 is quite powerful, its physically not too capable of handling itself effectively.

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