Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Usb audio Interface (Review)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2This unit called the Scarlett 2i2 by Focusrite is a nice robust and basic setup that you can expect from an USB audio interface of this format. Just looking at the box and front panel you can already tell how you will be using it. It’s a about 1/3 of a rack unit and therefore it is very mobile to take along wherever you go on a low budget.

Let’s take a good look at this nice audio interface in this review.

Scarlett 2i2 ins and outs connection

*There are Two inputs on the front which are combo connections giving you mic level/ line level and instrument level which can be easily switch on the front panel.

*On the Backside of the unit you can find 2 outs with their own big rotary knob on the front.
*The Headphone gain control can also be found on the front panel with it’s corresponding output.
* The mic pre’s of +10 to +55 dB range for gain and trimming, which also have a red light to indicate clipping and also a a +48 volt switch for your needs.
*A monitor option for listening to the direct signal as well as to the signal of your pc or mac through USB connectivity with a maximum of 96 kilohertz
*The 2i2 is made of aluminum and comes with a plugin bundle of Scarlett themselves, also a USB2 cable is provided to connect to your machine.

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The Build, Feel and Look

This red audio card box has a very distinct look to it which is beautiful in it’s own right. While not weighing very heavy it still feels very robust and feels like it can takes some hits and falls (Don’t try that, it’s not a piece of junk!).Although the Big rotary knob is made out of some sort of plastic’s stuff it works perfectly, while the gain rotaries of the channels are coated with rubber and touching those knobs brings up memories. If you ask me, for the price of this unit it really doesn’t matter.

So how does it actually sound?

With all the gain accompanying within this unit, it keeps it’s sound clean and detailed when recording and playing back. When we talk about preamps in the price range you know the usually suck loli-balls. They work very quite and comparing it to other more costly units it actually performs rather well. Ask focusrite why, because I don’t know, maybe it’s just good!One bad thing about this unit is the way it performs on electric guitars. Clipping this unit is just to easy of a job, while switching to line level mode isn’t an option because the loss of quality and tonal quality. So if you want to record a guitar on this unit I would suggest to buy a DI for your instruments separately, before you plug it into the Mic-pre.

When listening the in-ear out for the headphones almost no extra noise or disturbance can be heard, which is nice when you push the level to limit. Did I tell you it has enough gain to totally destroy your eardrum?

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So how stable is this unit and does it have Latency?

There are people on several sites complaining that there are driver issues with unit when connecting it to a pc. But as we all know usually any unit can connect with an Apple mac without any problems and that was the case on the this one as well. Make sure when you use an PC that it’s not outdated and you have all your stuff configured properly.

Checking out the plugin package

These plugins of Scarlett are actually no use. The main reason for this is that these guys are not really market leaders of any sort within the VST business. Yes okay, they look good but if you ask me the preloaded plugins within your DAW are of equal quality if not better.

So what do I think about this one.

If you consider the price of the Scarlett 2i2 USB interface you will not be let down by it’s quality of sound. Some interfaces in more expensive price ranges are worse then this one. When you are looking for a budget recording option then this one still is a contender. The only downfall of this piece of equipment is it’s instrument input, not to nice on high impendance instruments like your Shredding electric guitar because of the constant clipping. It’s a good Boxed unit for the price if you buy a DI with it for your guitar or bass.

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