Blue Baby Bottle Microphone Review | USB MIC Preamp

Blue Baby Bottle MicrophoneLollipop In Your Hand. Melts In Your Ear.

Blue’s Baby Bottle Microphone has been very famous for its appearance that looks like a baby bottle with a huge capsule enclosure in a lollipop spherical grille and fixed cardioid pattern.

It’s sound is also quite immortal for most recordings during the early 70s-80s..

The twist side to Blue is that it’s a solid state microphone, unlike the construction of those during its time.

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A well Designed MIC

Blue-bottle-micThe Blue Baby Bottle Microphone is a handcrafted solid-state, class A condenser microphone with a precision-machined, gold sputtered capsule enclosure spherical grille.

With a fixed cardioid pattern, it’s quite capable of recording acoustic instruments, drums or any kind of percussion and of course, vocals.

The microphone has a unique condenser design that makes the microphone look like it has a lollipop impaled on a microphone shaped like a baby bottle.

It has a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz and has about 133dB maximum SPL, making vocals sound dynamic.

The Blue Baby Bottle is also a single-pattern microphone that features a cardioids polar pattern that can minimize noise and ambiance at the off-axis sections of the capsule

It is fitted with an S3 shockmount, has its own custom pop filter and needs a +48V phantom power. It also comes with a fancy Wood Box as a case when you purchase it.

The Baby bottle by blueGreat Sound Great Looks

The microphone’s frequency response is virtually flat, making it a great microphone for recording vocals.

But essentially, this neutral sound is ideal if you’re recording guitar amplifiers, drums or even bass.

On recording vocals, I get a warm, midrange sound that has enough response from a large diaphragm condenser and something that has the sound of a ribbon microphone.

Now, you might be turned off hearing that it has a ribbon microphone tendency. This microphone is much more stable and less problematic than most ribbon microphones tend to be.

Blue baby bottle MicrophneTo be honest, it has some very mellow and natural-sounding vocal response.

It hasn’t the harshness we’ve come to know of Neumann’s or even some midrange gain from Shure for harsher vocal styles.

Somewhat, the sound is vintage and mid heavy. Sometimes, the sound is semi-muddied.

Again, to be frank, the microphone caters to an audience, a breed of audio engineers and artists. It can bring out a vintage sound.

If you’re recording modern rock music, for example, you won’t get very far with having the sound you really want.

For instruments, the sound is quite natural and effective if you want a warm-sounding guitar-amplified sound. Just don’t expect it to do some great hip-hop or rock sounds. You won’t get it here, I promise you.

Final Conclusion about this product

As some audio engineers are often multi-instrumentalists, creating demos for my has admittedly been easier with this microphone. Being versatile, I could capture sounds I’ve never dreamt of getting through other microphones.

Shure can make some sound quite modern.

Neumann adds a distinct nice coloring. But it’s with the Blue Baby Bottle that I actually felt there was neutrality. It was with this microphone I found I had a sound that I could manipulate without much trouble post recording.

For a solid state microphone, this is a must-have! Please Share and Comment your thoughts…