Best String VST Plugins For 2017 [GUIDE]

Best String VST PluginsThe 15 String Instrument VSTs You Need In Your Mix Right Now

If you’ve been YouTubing for quite a while,

you’ve found some famous pop songs covered by the most proficient musicians of violins, cello, basses and, I’ve found strangely, even fiddles.

These stringed instruments are a staple in most pop songs nowadays.

Using them in an electronic music setting is also possible and amazing at the same time.

Check out Lindsey Stirling – she’s a goddess with the electro-neoclassical thing going on while she does ballet. Wow.

But that’s another story.

Let’s just say you want to make that kind of music with strings attached to your sticky dub kick or smashing snare.

It gives an overall appeal of finesse while you jam it all to a dancing beat.

There’s an added sophistication but only if the VST you’re using sounds convincing, truthful and acoustically accurate when you throw it in the fray.

But don’t worry, I’ve found the 15 String VSTs that are up to this task!

Output Analog Strings

Output Analog Strings

Output regularly extends their range of products with very interesting libraries, always with a surprising twist.Read more...

Spitfire Mural and Sable

Spitfire Sable

Expression is the keyword most users of this VST ever told me. Expression and emotion, that’s the focal point.Read more...

8Dio Adagio Strings

8Dio Adagio Strings

Wowing us with Majestica, does Adagio strings – a string-only set – up to the task of satisfying our stringed delights?Read more...

East West Quantum Leap Strings

East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings

Texture is everything with strings. This – along with sound quality – is an essential part of bringing out an evocative performance from a true string orhestra.Read more...

Orchestral Tools: Berlin Strings

Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings

Orchestral Tools prides itself by crafting software and hardware to work realistically as midi would register as a music score control in some composition software.Read more...

Cinesamples: Cinestrings

Cinesamples Cinestrings

Cinesamples never fails to create convincing instruments and their Cinestrings do not do less than their earlier products.Read more...

AudioBro LA Scoring Strings

AudioBro LA Scoring Strings

While you might hate that it’s made for Kontakt Player, AudioBro’s LA Scoring Strings is as huge time saver and composition tool because it has an auto-arranger.Read more...

NI Action Strings

NI Action Strings

NI’s own sampled string section comes with its Orchestral and Cinematic Komplete package. About only 14GB, the sound is impeccable.Read more...

NI Session Strings Pro

NI Session Strings Pro

Aside from Action Strings, NI also has the Session Strings Pro.Read more...

Big Fish Vintage Strings

Big Fish Vintage Strings

The concept of vintage strings relies on the following: a good ambient room recognizable for most producers, artists or audiences in particular, a good set of microphones up to the task and characteristic-sounding instruments.Read more...

SONiVOX Symphonic Ensemble Strings

SONiVOX Symphonic Ensemble Strings

It’s a joy to use especially if you just want to have a good composition software and is useful for rendering sounds when you need them within short notice, then the SONiVOX Symphonic Ensemble Strings can be your best friend.Read more...

Vienna Dimension Strings

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Dimension Strings

It’s expensive but it’s worth about a million samples by recording each instrumentalist with a solo microphone.Read more...

Trio Broz: Solo Strings

Trio Broz Solo Violin

As it says, each instrument is recorded individually and their articulations on violin have been recorded in different ways.Read more...

Cinematic Strings

Cinematic Strings

If anything, the now seven-years-old early Kontakt sample library for orchestrations is still fighting the modern-day iterations of its kind.Read more...

Final Words

There are hefty hard-drive hungry orchestration tools available on the market. There are also lightweight ones that focus more on your creativity.

There are also ones that are balanced when it comes to these needs; giving you the best or at least the balance of both worlds.

But those lightweight ones would sure sound convincing in any EDM or even rock setups; they’re well-created. But here are also strings that would suit best for your needs in actual orchestration.

However, these are only strings. I would indeed recommend having a complementary complete orchestration set. There is a separate post for these instruments and I believe you will find great use for them.