Best Orchestral VST Plugins of 2017 [GUIDE]

Best Orchestra VST Plugins14 Of The Most Convincing Orchestral VSTs Today!

In some days, I’m an EDM artist.

In some days, I produce rock and heavy metal tracks.

In some days I like doing some acoustic.

In some days, I become someone obsessed with being the new Mozart of today’s generation.

Okay, maybe you might say that’s a bit too far.

But sometimes, you want to hear your best compositions played by an extremely awesome orchestra.

Sure, VSTs that you have in suites from developers are very useful.

But sometimes, they lack that sound that makes it organic, chamber-like, resonant and above all, supremely sublime to the ears as if you’re really listening to professional string sections, timpani, brass and wind instruments.

Sounds like a really appealing idea right?

So let’s look at 14 of the best VSTs I’ve found which are totally convincing to my ears!

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra 2

East West’s productions are truly amazing. It’s like you’re really listening to a real instrument reproduced digitally.Read more...

Project Sam – Symphobia Series

Project Sam - Symphobia Series

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the Symphobia Series’ focus on opera as well as Hollywood-quality trailer-esque sounds.Read more...

IK Multimedia: Miroslav Philharmonik 2


Miroslav Vitous wanted a sample library of complete symphony and he didn’t fail with the first iteration of Miroslav Philharmonik.Read more...

Garritan Instant/ Personal Orchestra

Garritan Instant Personal Orchestra

This one may disappoint fans of hypersampled layers of articulations of musicians.Read more...

Spitfire Audio Albion Series

Spitfire Audio Albion

It runs on Kontakt Player. But I daresay it’s worth it.Read more...

Big Fish Audio: Complete Orchestral

Big Fish Audio Orchestral Collection

When they tell you it’s complete orchestral, you definitely expect it to be complete and chamber-like.Read more...

Vienna Symphonic Library

Harking back to 2008, the Vienna Symphonic Library has been truly outstanding.Read more...

SONiVOX Film Score Companion

SONiVOX Film Score Companion

As the name implies, it’s intended for film and cinematic scores. If you’re a fan of Spielberg, SONiVOX’s suite is just for you.Read more...

UVI – IRCAM Solo Instruments

UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments

Not everyone needs an orchestra but one may need an instrument handy to use at any time.Read more...

8 Dio -Majestica

8Dio Majestica

At $600 I was initially baffled at how intense 8Dio’s own orchestral suite truly is.Read more...

8Dio – Grand Ensembles series

8Dio Grand Ensembles

The Grand Ensembles Series was sampled by 8Dio in the same space they sampled Majestica.Read more...

UVI Orchestral Suite

UVI Orchestral Suite

Is there anything magical in the UVI Orchestral Suite? You bet there is.Read more...

East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra

East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra

Slap the word “Hollywood” around a VST instrument and you probably feel that it’s essential to make a cinematic score.Read more...

East West Symphonic Choir

East West Symphonic Choir

If I had a cent for every time I would say “East West is amazing” I would be rich by now. But I’m not.Read more...

Final Words

These 14 convincing orchestral VSTs today aren’t necessarily a fit for everyone. But these are some of them I’ve discovered and found to be truly useful especially when you’re feeling a cinematic drama going on in an orchestration.

Get ready for epicness!