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Mic for Vocals | Which to choose?

Are you just beginning to enter the world of vocal recording and you don’t know which mic you should choose for your vocals? Well it’s a common mistake to just go out and buy a microphone that fits your budget. Although we are always limited by our budget, some research may help you a long way on the road of finding the right recording product for your needs. What it comes down to is, any mic can record that’s why they are sold. Any big company can go out and just market their way into the scene and sell you something you actually didn’t need. That is the marketing scheme and that’s what your up against. I’m not here to tell you which mic you should buy or which one is actually the best. All mics have different characters and every voice sounds different on them. I will tell you a bit about my education days on the SAE institute( worlds biggest Audio Engineering School on the planet).

Microphone for vocals
Recording with different Mics

On one occasion we had this female singer in the studio. We where in the big studio with a 32 channel SSL mixing console, it looks awesome by the way. We tried 5 microphones on the lady while recording the same song. Stupid enough the mediocre Mic of around 300 bucks sounded the best on the track straight out of the box. After further mixing the track out with all five mics something rather understandable came out. We worked on getting the other mics to sound as the one that sounded best from raw recording and making them sound even better with all kinds of effects. Making the more expensive mics sound like the 300 dollar one was a easy thing to do, but not the other way around. You would have to compromise on a lot of different aspects. What I’m trying to say is that a mic with quality in sound has more body and records more of the sound wave, kind of. Try not to debate on this please because it’s not entirely true, you engineers. But without going deeper on that subject you should aim for trying to buy a good quality microphone for vocals.

Mic for vocals
What are the Quality mic brands?

This subject is also debatable, but there are some points that I can make which apply. Some brand incorporate cheap parts imported from china. While not a bad thing in some cases, in other cases this will have an impact on the sound quality. Because some cheap parts will be of low quality material that can’t flow the information thru the materials as better more quality parts. Again I’m trying to explain this to people that don’t know about these kind of things. It’s like saying electricity conducts better in water then it would in wood. If your looking for a quality brand try to find the ones that have been in the market for more then ten years. They will have the biggest knowledge of the product. On the other hand some inventors went on building their own new brand or started working for a young company. A quality brand such as Nuemann had the Engineer mister Nuemann, the brand was then sold to another company. While mister Nuemann started a new brand called Shoeps. So in this case the ten year calculation doesn’t apply.
On a Budget for Microphones

If you are on a budget I have bad news and good news for you! The bad news: your money buys you the quality your money can buy. It is debatable but in general terms this applies. Of course keep in mind that the bigger the company’s name gets the bigger the amount they can ask you for their product gets. Try not to get sucked in the marketing techniques of these very smart and capable microphone companies. Try to rely on the information the web and your own knowledge bring you. So of to the good news! Yes you can buy a budget mic! Will this be a lesser quality one? Yes it will be. So where is the good news you might ask. There is a company in states that transforms your mic into a boutique microphone with all brand new parts. This will cost you more money for them to transform into such. But the other good thing is that you pay way less for your mike to sound like a thousand or more bucks, then if you would to pay for a Nuemann Microphone. Here is the link: this dude out! I’ve got some mics laying around the studio and they perform extremely good. It’s a no brainer if your on the lookout for a budget mic for your vocals. With that sayed check out my other article: Mic for rap vocals. I hope this helps you along the way and a hope you enjoyed this piece on microphones for vocals. Thanks!