The Best Free Music Production Software [AUDIO RECORDING]

Free Audio Recording Software ImageWhen you are just starting out with producing, editing or recording music you would want to try out different software.

Although there are plenty of programs out there, wouldn’t you like to test and try out various programs to see if they fit your needs?

A lot of people like to get stuff for free! I know I do.

So there are different approaches to this subject, on how to get these programs on a non paid basis. One of the ways I do not condone and that is to download cracked or pirated applications.

The others are Demo versions and evaluations and Trial versions. Some are even entirely free of use (how do you like that).

If you really like a program then pay for it! You can also check out an audio interface that comes packed with a Digital Audio Workstation as a combo.

Check out the best budget audio interfaces article here!

Since you are going to need one anyway to get a decent signal and if you want to use all types of Microphones this could be the route for you.

There are a lot of choices to choose from when your looking for something like this. Although you must realize that most of these applications will not fit everybody’s needs.

If your a simple person just wanting to record some live signals then this is absolutely your route to go. I’m talking about a simple way to record your guitar or instrument input or you microphone input (I’m not that guy BTW.).

So, I have created a list of the best free applications you can download for your audio recording and music editing. Please comment way below to tell us how you liked a particular free software.

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1. Tracktion

TracktionThe number one on the list is Tracktion and the reason for this is that Trackion is truly a free software you can install on your computer without any limitations.

Sure, it’s not as well equipped as professional used DAW’s or commercial ones.

But the truth is that it gets the job done!

These Creative makers made their T4 version totally free for you to use.

Okay, this one windowed music editing program is really something. It supports all your plugins or audio units midi, and audio interfaces. Although it doesn’t look as sleek as commercial applications the learning curve is not that steep.

You know whats more wonderful? They have their T6 version for a tiny sum of $30.- which is almost nothing when comparing that with others more expensive programs.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux


2. MuLab

MulabThis intuitive software by does the job that you expect from some of the big boys in the scene.

Actually anything you would think of that you would wished from a Digital audio workstation is incorporated here.

It’s a 32bit based system but with it’s limitations which is not satisfying. The free version gives you two ins and outs one midi in and only exports four tracks in one sequence.

So if you just want to record your guitar signal this is actually not that bad.

It also gives you the opportunity to insert up to eight plugin vst’s on one project. The commercial edition however fulfills your every desire.

With 64 bit multi core processing and Rewire capabilities it’s certainly a good bet.

Available for Mac and Windows.

3. Ardour

ArdourFor Mac and Linux users that are searching for a music software without paying any additional payments this might be your best bet!

There are no limits to what this freeware can do when it comes to recording your tracks. The only limit is your RAM and CPU power.

It supports all types of plugins and audio units for the Mac system. Some examples are wages and iZotope which run seamlessly with this application.

Unlimited tracks to use within the editor function and you can even load up videos for those video post audio production dudes out there!

A full fledged mixing facility is also built in, with the likes and functions of what you would expect it to have.

From what I have seen this program supports all type of audio cards and therefore gets a thumbs up by me.

4. Cockos Reaper

ReaperReaper has been one of the favorite downloads by many people, because you get a full evaluation for up to 60 days. If you like this audio application then you can buy a license for about 60 bucks. Which is cheap if you ask me!

The big players don’t like the fact that Reaper is out there. Mainly because the functions that it has rival the big boys.

But you need to learn a lot if your a beginner. That’s the main reason that Cockos shares this software for free. So you can go ahead and learn about the options and capabilities before you buy a license from them.

Reapers also supports any kind of vst you want to connect with it, so that’s a plus.

It supports Windows as well as Mac based Computers, so both of the users are good to go with this one.

5. Audicity by the AudicityTeam

AudicityThis is actually a basic program which is absolutely free to use.

The great part is that it supports a big list of VST’s, but the lesser part is that it doesn’t support all plugins.

If your just looking for basic recording and editing functions then this actually a super great option. But if your looking for better studio functionality then this will not suffice.

It supports Windows, Mac and even Linux. That’s a huge plus and not many softwares do!

6. Garage band by Apple

GaragebandIf your buying a new Apple Mac then you will probably get a free version of Garageband with it.

It supports audio unit’s which are the equivalent of VST’s but for a Mac based computer.

If you don’t already have garageband you can get it at the iTunes store for a couple of bucks. Which is no price when comparing it to other applications for Mac.

It’s only available for Mac.

Garageband on itunes

7. Zynewave Podium

Zynewave PodiumYes, you can download this one for free! But it has limitations.

If you just want to check it out then it’s a good thing to download on to your computer. However the commercial version doesn’t cost that much.

It’s about 1 dollar at the minimum, you can check that info on their license page.

If your going to check Podium then also check out their plugin which doesn’t have any cost. It’s called Nucleam you can check it here: Nucleam plugin

When your visiting their website you can also see that they have a demo version of the commercial Podium. If that tickles your senses you can try that out as well.

Available for Mac and Windows based systems

8. Studio One Prime

Studio One PrimeWait a minute, did Presonus offer this free version with unlimited channels? Yes they do!

Testing studio one is a great experience if you ask me, I use the commercial version myself.

Although this version doesn’t have all the functionality of the big brothers Artist & Professional it does give you a good glimpse of what you could have!

Without spending any money this could be rocking on your Computer right now!

This is however not for the long term. It doesn’t host VST’s and only comes with a handful effects and just one instrument plugin. So that’s why it’s way down on my list

You can install it on Mac & Windows

9. DarkWave Studio

DarkWave StudioBrought to you by “Experimentalscene” this Daw is much like Fl studio, but also not!

This music making software supports all type of virtual instrument plugins. I put this one a bit at the bottom of the list because I think that the workflow is a little bit awkward.

It’s a modular designed virtual studio enabling you to ad-hoc connect Machines to it. It comes with an editor for your patterns, a sequencer and a Mixer.

I don’t like the fact that you need to connect certain elements to each other in order for it to work. That’s the main reason why I think the workflow is a little bit outdated.

The plus for this one is that it’s 32bit as well as 64bit compatible. Which means that you can use multiple cores for the processing bit.

You can connect virtually any Asio based audio interface to it, but you can also use your built in sound card.

If your looking for something to sequence your audio and record some tracks without paying for anything, then this is not bad at all. But I would certainly not consider this a professional tool for audio engineers.

Available for Windows: XP, Vista, 7/10 (It’s Freeware)

10. The Demo’s and Trial Version Audio Software Downloads

Steinberg’s Demos:

Steinberg CubaseOne of the most well known players is Steinberg. Cubase was one of the first programs that had the full functionality as what we expect from a DAW nowadays. So including this in the Demo and Trial part is a no-brainer.

Cubase: Comes as a 30 day Trial you can use. It supports everything you would want a Daw to support.

Wavelab: A mastering suite for editing audio. It’s unique in the sense that it’s a one of kind. There aren’t many mastering suites for editing your signals out their

Nuendo: Much like Cubase this program also supports Video editing and functionality. Great for Video Post production on the audio front of it.

All come as 30 day trial version

FL studio Demo:

Fl Studio demoUsed to be called Fruity loops offers a Demo version of their software. It started out as an audio editing program designed for Beat creators rather then a full fledged recording program. But today they do both

Ableton LiveAbleton Live Trial:

A really great application for live setups. But it can also act as a full fledged DAW. Great for producers but also nice for Dj’s that want to spice up their decks with more functionality

If you have more Downloads or demo’s we didn’t include here please tell us about it and we will incorporate those into this article. Also tell us about your findings and try outs of these freeware, demos and trial programs. You can leave a Comment and Share with your favorite Social Media… thanks, Jay.