Best Drum Sampler VST Plugins For 2017 [GUIDE]

These Drums Get You Through Almost Any Project!

Best Drum VST PluginsLet’s say you work in movie/commercial/audio-video scoring.

You need a jazz-sounding track to go with a sexy scene in the movie/short film/commercial (challenging yet, satisfying, yes?).

You’ve got the organ, the piano and the bass laid down. You lack a bit of soul. You need a drummer.

The problem is, the drummer you know best for the genre is out of the country, probably playing at an awesome jazz festival somewhere in the world.

You turn to your best friend, the MIDI drummer, only to find that you’ve got some stiff-sounding samples (not to mention digital) that just won’t sit right with your performance (or it probably made your performance hilarious.

I’ve got seven of the best drum samplers available from the best developers worldwide. I’ve selected them with the following criteria!


ToonTrack EZ Drummer 2.0

EZ Drummer 2.0 from ToonTrack Image

ToonTrack EZ Drummer 2.0

ToonTrack said it originally wanted to be a studio that creates background music for cartoons and other animation, hence the name. They wanted to be like an outsourcing service for animation studios.Read more...


ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Superior Drummer 2.0 from ToonTrack Image

ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Surely, with the success of EZ drummer, ToonTrack didn’t want to disappoint hardcore audio engineers from renowned studios worldwide. They have listened to bedroom and home-based studio producers and their suggestions.Read more...


XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.0
Addictive Drums 2.0 from XLN Audio Image

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.0

Yes, I know. I can’t stop spazzing about ToonTrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0 that I don’t want to go through this list anymore.Read more...


Native Instruments Battery 4


NI Battery 4 Image

NI Battery

Native Instruments is a company on the same level as ToonTrack in the DJ and electronic music world. Its aim is to guarantee the relationship between humans and computers work very well for music.Read more...


Fxpansion BFD3

BFD3 Fxpansion Image

Fxpansion BFD3

To be honest, before ToonTrack was FXpansion with the first version of BFD. The sound quality was great for its time and the interface couldn’t be more awesome than how it markets itself.Read more...


Steven Slate Drums 4.0

SS Drums 4.0 Image

Steven Slate Drums 4.0

You probably know Steven Slate as that guy who peddles his drum ROMpler for metal. The sound was especially aggressive and nice. But again, the first Steven Slate Drums was intended to rock hard.Read more...


Native Instruments Abbey Road Drummer

NI Abbey Road Drums Image

NI Abbey Road Drummer

Abbey Road Studios was where legendary pop group The Beatles recorded most of their albums. Plenty of other musicians have recorded their own sessions and had come up with warm sounds straight from the studio’s powerful acoustics itself.Read more...

So How Do I Use These ROMplers

The Best Drum VST Plugin Samplers On The Market ImageAlmost any drum ROMpler was made to be easy to use. Sometimes, the ease of use depends on the accompanying operating manual’s explanation. Sometimes, it depends on how intuitive the interface is.Read more...

They Are All Unique

Let’s get back to your jazz-playing friend. You found a pretty good drum ROMpler, I applaud you for that.

But does your sampler have enough drum instruments to satisfy the hits, style and instruments you need for a jazz performance?

Each of these drum ROMplers have different capabilities.

They are all versatile in their own right. But each of them encourages experimentation and a bit of plugin manipulation to have them work in your favor for every genre you need.

I’ll drop some clues or two based on my experience using them to convince you.

Try ’em!

If you don’t find my suggestions satisfying, feel free to shoot up some tips of your own in the comments box!

How It All Sounds In The Mix

Of course, no matter how many layers, how realistic the samples sound, how faithful the sound is to the emulated drum set and studio the product promotes, if it doesn’t sit well in your mix, it’s a baddie and you need to do away with it.

Each of these drum ROMplers will sound bad with some genres even if you’re a seasoned mixing and mastering veteran. But some of them will sit well immediately even without plugins.

Or maybe I didn’t try enough. I’ll tell you my story and you could share your mixing stories in the comments, yeah?

Let’s Start!

To Remind You

All seven are remarkable in their own right, but they couldn’t do everything for all genres. While versatility is high among them, it doesn’t mean SD2.0 could easily do more jazz when the ARD 60s could do so much better.

But why settle there when AD2’s drum kit pieces could do better funk than just FXpansion’s pork pie?

The choice is yours, but the secret to great percussion might be in getting all of them.

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