BASS VST PLUGINS: Best Guitars & Synths of 2018

Let me take a wild guess…

Best Bass VST PluginsYou’re not sure which BASS VST PLUGIN to use in your recording productions!i

How do I know?

Because there are just too many options to choose from…

Sounds familiar?

Well, the low-end is a make or brake for your mixes and choosing the right bass will get your groove going.

Want to know the best part?

We have compiled a list of the most versatile, powerfull and clean bass plugins you will ever need!

It’s not a question of quality anymore, but flavor!

The Ultimate Guide: Bass VST Plugins

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Native Instruments Massive

I’ve never been a fan of hybrid synthesizers until I heard what NI Massive is capable of. Read more...


FM8 Image


Another additive synth from NI. Based on the original Yamaha DX7, it sounds just like the original, yet with more features than ever.Read more...


NI Monark

While NI’s Reaktor has a huge number of Minimoog emulations, I believe Monark is worth hearing because it has more beef than NI’s earlier versions.Read more...

U-He Diva

U-HE Diva

The company u-he probably dislikes emulating single synthesizers because to be honest, it makes sense to find inspiration from the past but never to emulate it and add new features.Read more...


U-He Ace Image


Why are synth bass hunters going crazy for u-he emulation? Well, if you’ve got a pretty ‘up-there’ PC, you could run this semi-modular synthesizer effectively. Also, just sells at around $70. That’s quite a steal right there!Read more...

U-He Zebra 2
U-He Zebra 2 Image

U-He Zebran 2

At first sight, this synth seems really intimidating.

Lots of knobs all over, filters running all over the page…Read more...

Cakewalk Z3TA+2

Cakewalk Z3TA+2 Image

Cakewalk Z3TA+2

Compare Prices: Amazon | PluginBoutique

The synth Z3TA+2 definitely sticks in my mind. When you get to hear it, it’ll get stuck in your memory too!Read more...

Rob Papen Albino 3
Rob Papen Albino 3 Image

Rob Papen Albino 3

While the synth sounds might seem average, Rob Papen’s efforts have revealed the endless possibilities of synthesized bass.Read more...

SubBoomBass 2

SubBoomBass 2

The name is right where it’s at.

If you want one-click bass synthesizer settings with the possibility of almost-endless tweaking and options, this synth is for you.

SubBoomBass 2 is an update of Papen’s legendary bass synthesizer from 2009.

With this plugin, you can quickly create fat bass sounds, kick drums and sub-basses.Read more...

Rob Papen Predator 2

Rob Papen Predator Image

Rob Papen Predator

While you can get sick for having too much arpeggiation, you won’t get sick of having lots more modulation combinations possible.Read more...

Gforce Minimonsta

GForce Minimonsta Image

Gforce Minimonsta

From the name comes the clue; it’s another Minimoog emulation. But in this list you’ve already got the Reaktor selection in the form of Monark and even the ones in Reaktor itself. Why consider getting the Minimonsta from Gforce?Read more...

Arturia Minimoog V
Arturia Minimoog Image

Arturia Minimoog V

Pretty sure by now you’re getting sick of all the Minimoog craziness. But to be honest with you, I couldn’t get enough Minomoog myself. I bet you are too.Read more...

Fabfilter Twin 2
Fabfilter Twin 2 Image

Fabfilter Twin 2

While it’s a bit pricey at $120, you get a very smooth interface and a powerful emulation of some vintage synthesizers. Read more...

D16 Phoscyon

D16 Phoscyon Image

D16 Phoscyon

If anything, the TB-303 had some classic sounds I’d like to apply to my composition primarily for bass lines. Read more...

D16 LuSH-101

Lush-101 by D16 Group Image

D16 LuSH-101

Roland’s SH-101 had introduced us to a great sounding synthesizer. While far from being influential like the TB-303, it was more of a great option to have; like a safety blanket for some synth players or producers.Read more...

AudioRealism BassLine 3

Togu Audio Line TAL-BassLine 101 Image

AudioRealism BassLine 2

BassLine3 is a clone of the Roland TB-303. Not like anybody has done it less before, AudioRealism’s BassLine 3 brings out the ‘bass’ in the TB-303. If you’ve listened to other demos online or tried a few ‘free’ ones, you’ve probably complained how muddy the sound was (I know I did)

The BassLine2 has a simple interface that allows you just enough time to let each knob sink. Compared to the Phoscyon by D16, AudioRealism’s BL3 beats it out of the water without the strange accents.

Sugar Bytes Cyclop
Sugar Bytes Cyclop Image

Sugar Bytes Cyclop

What’s really interesting with this synthesizer is the interface. That large FX knob really looks like an eye looking straight at you. Read more...

Lennardigital Synleth1
Sylenth1 Image

Lennardigital Synleth1

If there was an award for a straightforward synthesizer, it would go to Lennardigital’s Synleth 1. Sounding fantastic and impressive, you get an easy-to-use synthesizer that features some great sounds of the TB-303, Alpha Juno and Minimoog.Read more...

VemberAudio Surge

Vember Audio Surge Image

VemberAudio Surge

This is by far the simplest-looking and the most colorful synth interface I’ve seen in a while However, underneath that simple and happy-looking synth interface is a sound unlike any other and a workflow that can be extremely fast if you know how to use it.Read more...

Togu Audio Line TAL-BassLine-101

TAL-BassLine 101 Image

Togu Audio Line TAL-Bassline-101

We’ve got an emulation from D16, but we’ve also got something from TAL.Read more...

From Linplug


Linplug Spectral ImageIt’s tinted with a hint of aquamarine and purple, has lots of knobs and a large power icon. Linplug’s Spectral is more than just a pretty interface. As a semi-modulation synthesizer, you can assign up to 15 modulations from a choice of 35 sources and 100 destinations.

It can be a bit CPU hungry though. My test showed that my CPU spiked to usage up to 60% from 30% including other processes outside my DAW. Usually, my synth plug-ins reach about 45% with many synths turned on.

While the Spectral has its flaws, it has its wins. You get with four oscillator sections with an independent filter to get some great virtual analog sounds and modern, unique sounds as well.

You get 14 types of effects that can be fitted into six slots. You could get anything from Reverb and Delays to 8-bit crushers and some great Arpeggiators.

You also have 65 presets completely mix-and-match-able to your desired setup.

From reFX


ReFx Vanguard ImageVanguard is pretty much what it aims to be. Officially endorsed as an advanced analog-modelling synthesis with three oscillators and 32 voices, any synth addict would have a great time.

Having 31 different oscillators is crazy but crazy brilliant. It shows that Vanguard is an additive synthesizer. In addition, you get three low frequency oscillators and 13 different filter types with resonance.

For effects you get a reverb complete with pre-delay, room size, damping and width controls and you have a tempo-synced delay.

The Trancegate function mixes your arpeggiators with step-filters. If you’re a synth bass nut, you’re going to love this little baby.

Tone2 Gladiator2

Gladiator By Tone 2 Image

Tone2 Gladiator2

While not without its glitches, you get some great high quality sounds and presets. Tone2 deserves a definite reward with its high-quality effects and a Moog style filter that could go with almost any synth tone you could think about.Read more...

Electric Basses

From Vir2:

Apollo Cinematic Guitar and Bass

Apollo Cinematic Guitars ImageIt’s interesting to see what the ‘cinematic’ in the Apollo’s name stands for.

Using the free Kontakt player, you could use Apollo’s massive library of guitar and bass samples. You have 22GB of all these samples.

Assigning MIDI controls, you can create impressive realistic acoustic guitars and bass sounds with the plugin.

If you’re using an acoustic bass, you could control the air that comes between the pick-up and your amplifier.

The Swell patches are useful for creating realistic strums of major and minor chords for each of your sounds. You could even play entire custom chords or every single note.

But more than other types of realistic guitar and bass samples, you could use the LFO control to create unique bass sounds. Not quite the synthesized bass sounds the above samples can do, but something unique and realistic at the same time.

What’s more? There’s an ambient designer for guitar plucks and other types of sounds. Definitely suitable for instrument accompaniment or general movie music production.

From Acousticsamples


Bassysm-M ImageEverything you’ve loved about the Musicman Stingray Bass you could do well with Bassysm-M’s hypersampled library.

This can cover almost any genre from pop, alternative rock to heavy metal.



Bassysm-SShould you need a realistic Musicman Stingray bass sound with a little brightness that uses roundwound strings, this is what you need.

However, it’s the slapped version of the Bassysym-M.



Bassysm-J ImageIf you loved the sound of Bassysm-S but need a jazzy, less slapping sound, you’ve got the Bassysm-J.

You’ll have more options with the Legato Mode, which introduces hammer-ons, slides, sustains or just simple economy picking.


Bassysm-FEach of these libraries have 13 velocities and does not even reach 700MB per patch. However, the Bassysm F is a fretless Ibanez bass with five strings.

Perfect for those low-end jazz sounds you definitely want!


Bassysm J-Bass

Acoustic Samples JBass ImageIf you wanted that Fender Jazz bass sound that gave a unique sound to the jazzmaster of the 60s, then you’ve got to get this patch.

Directly intended to mimic the feel of an upright bass, it has a solid mid that is evident from the samples. Perfect for those chill tracks you might have.

From ImpactSoundworks

Shreddage Bass

Shreddage Bass ImageAny EDM producer will agree that a metal-sounding bass has a place fitting for them in an EDM track.

ImpactSoundworks’ efforts focus on emulating a Music Man Sterling’s Line-in sound that musicians could amp to use for their own music.

The sound is picked, giving it an aggressive touch. While very suitable for rock and metal, use the velocity hits included in the patches and you get something useful for almost any genre

Shreddage Bass works with Kontakt Player 5 or later. It has about 7GB of samples that have 3 round robins per velocity tier.

The samples also sit well inside any mix. I had to deal with minimal equalization with this one given its powerful sound. You might want to add some virtual pedals or send/receive from your interface to create unique and realistic sounds. We’ll get to that bit of virtual pedals in a few minutes.

From Ilya Efimov’s Bass Bundle

Modern Bass

Ilya Efimov MODERN BASS ImageIf you’re a fan of Kontakt, this bass sample library is just right. To be honest, I didn’t have to do lots of editing with this one.

Ilya did such a great job with the library. He also has lots of attention to detail.

This sample library is perfect for metal and rock productions. If you love alternative rock or need some realistic bass response for your electronic track, you’ve come to the right place. That 5-string attack will completely nail what you need.

Classic Bass

Ilya Efimov Classic Bass ImageUsing a (probably) Fender precision bass, Ilya Efimove captured the sound of a classic rock bass.

Perfect for almost any genre. Just mix it with your effects and you’ve got a modern sound.

Retro Bass

Retro Bass ImageAgain using a Fender Precision bass with different settings, Ilya gets the job done with the right jazzy, funky sound known during the pop era of the 60s and the disco-themed era of the 70s.

Fretless Bass

Fretless Bass ImageIlya probably wanted to emulate the sound of a realistic upright bass. The only thing is, it sounds electric but has the character of an electric fretless bass. Good enough for me!

From Orange Tree Samples

The Big Bottom Bundle

Evolution Rick

Evolution Rick ImageUnlike Ilya Efimov, Orange Tree’s team does lots of great work with bass sampling. Evolution Rick has no specific bass guitar emulation.

However, its sound comes close to a Fender Precision bass pumped for modern use.

Having a smooth dynamic range, the bundle is worth it even just for this instrument.

Cherry Electric Bass

Cherry Electric Bass ImageYou get 2.5 GB of samples for a 5-string bass guitar.

While just a line-in recording of another great sounding but unspecified bass guitar, it sounds convincing when combined with virtual equipment including a virtual cabinet and bass guitar.

These sounds are typical for rock and metal music. But the lighter settings suggest it could work with almost any kind of genre!

Corebass Pear

CoreBass Pear ImageNeed an upright bass that sounds great for your cinematic mixes?

Don’t fret. Here’s the Corebass Pear from Orange Tree Samples.

Corebass has a fretless neck powered by a fretless slide technology similar to synthesizers.

Other upright bass sample libraries fail here because some couldn’t slide seamlessly from one neck area to the other. This edge allows it a realistic sound perfect for jazz and classic rock recordings.

Iconic Bass: Jaco

Iconic Bass Jaco ImageAlmost any bass player knows how Jaco Pastorius is.

A prolific bass player with enough chops to shred his bass almost 30 minutes without boredom, Jaco Pastorius is celebrated by many bass players worldwide.

Meanwhile, this plugin relives his performance by using a fretless bass recorded with roundwound strings and DI.

If you wanted Jaco Pastorius unique playing style including vibratos, slides, harmonics and his hard-to-identify-but-worth-it ghost notes, then you’ve got a winner!

From Ample Sound

Ample Bass P II

Ample Bass 2 ImageAmple Sound comes from China, a place that is rarely known for creating some great samples for computer music.

Their Ample Bass P is an emulation of the Fender Precision. With over 3.6 GB of sound, you know you’ve got enough velocities to emulate some great bass sounds.

You might only get four strings, but that’s enough to get bass-ing around, right?

Oh, you also get some great string buzz that do not sound as if they’re emulated. Round robins run them along.

Ample Bass J II

Ample Bass J 2 ImageSimilar to Ample Bass P, different in sound.

The Ample Sound Fender Jazz Bass has that fretless vibe that brings back good old disco memories from a few decades ago.

With a natural warmth and lots of options for legato, this bass is for anyone looking for a great accompaniment of a real bass player in their tracks.

From Native Instruments


Jay Bass

Scarbee Jay Bass ImageIt seems nobody has had enough of all the Fender J emulations in the market.

But who could say no to some rich jazz slapping and finger sounds.

Pick up positions and variations of playing techniques sets the Jay Bass from the others.

Pre Bass

NI Scarbee Pre Bass ImageIf you need anything for a chill-sounding bass with a bit of a pop-urban touch, get the Pre Bass. Another emulation of the Fender P bass, it has its own playing style sets and a huge sample library capable of playing less than aggressive to slightly-aggressive music.

This is better suited for R&B and hip-hop tracks.

The amped versions though. Those are extremely lovely and expands the usefulness of this virtual bass.

MM Bass

NI MM-Bass ImageMusicman Sterling is where it’s at. With enough legato styles and a rich, thick sound that could be useful from acoustic, jazz and metal music, the MM bass brings enough frequencies to make everything sound excellent.

RickenBacker Bass

Scarbee Rickenbacker ImageIt comes with its own set of strings and its own amp. Played with a pick, the classic Rickenbacker 4003 provides some powerful, defined mids for playing with rock accompaniments. The sound itself is ideal for distortion, even from external sources in your DAW.

From Chris Hein

Chris Hein Bass ImageChris Hein is probably someone we haven’t heard about before, but judging from his works, his probably someone who knows about sound production.

Hein gives us about 12.7 GB of samples for some picked, slapped and fretless basses. If you want some steel, nylon and other sorts of upright basses, he’s your ticket to town.

These are really convincing and powerful bass samples that you shouldn’t miss, to tell you honestly. Check it now and tell me how you feel about it.

Combination Basses

You want to got some top quality bass synthesizers but you’re looking to create some great grooves with realistic-sounding patches too. Buying them separately can be expensive. Luckily, VSTs with both ROMplers, PCM, subtractive and additive synthesizers exist. These may cost more than your initial need, but they’re quite the investment if you know how to use them!

Spectrasonics Trilian

Trillian Image

Trillian is the successor to Trilogy and by all means is a major improvement on the former’s achievements.Read more...

Spectrasonics Trilogy

Spectrasonic Trilogy Image

Spectrasonics Trilogy

Spectrasonics’ third virtual bass instrument is Trilogy. With three bass sounds to choose from (and 3GB of hypersampled bass instruments).Read more...


From Vir2


Vir2 Basis ImageVir2’s Basis emulates the Fender Jazz Bass and MusicMan Bass by Sterling. While it sounds quite well for its time, I gave this VST a chance because it suits certain types of music.

For example, it’s a great go-to VST when I need a video-game-ish sounding bass.

Many friends (and so did I) found the basses quite on the sharp side.

Sometimes, I think I had to use an auto-tuner to keep them on track. Humanize scripting isn’t so good and the timing is quite off.

Also, the Legato doesn’t sound so good. All of these factors make the VST not sound so good… on a realistic band setup that is. But if you’re using it for electronic or digital music, it fits right on key. That’s why I have it in my pocket and I’m not about to let it go!

From ManyTone


ManyBass From Manytone ImageHow many did they say? At first glance, this VST’s interface is jam-packed with activity, it’s difficult to see which is which.

While I wasn’t too impressed with the presets, I could say that I loved the way you could edit these sounds to make them your own and bring out their full, powerful potential.

The best thing ManyBass did would probably be the multisampling. At this point, I think the bass sounds were hypersampled.

I like this bass because ManyTone has dedicated some samples or waveforms that allow you to create synth-bass fusion. However, the realistic bass guitar is makes this little VST stand out. Slap, finger or pick your way with the bass in a song and you’ll find how powerful the sound truly is.

Perhaps it could definitely come close to the Scarbees, which are more straightforward compared to these bass sounds.

Effects for Bass Sounds

Those samples aren’t always working out in the best way they can. You’re going to need more audio sculpting software. These Effect VSTs are awesome in their own way!

From Helian

3rd Bass

Helian 3rd Bass ImageJoseph DeHelian of Fretted Synth Audio knows how to make a bass sound special without going over the top.

The best thing about it? It’s a free plugin vst. It has high quality sound and it’s free! Good guy Joseph DeHelian is something else!

You’ve got an awesome set of bass amplifier simulators with multi-effect options. What more could you ask at that price?

While there’s only one amp to play with, the rack-ton of multi-effects for your bass guitar is something to consider.

If you’ve got hybrid synth bass sounds, for example, it would sit well with a simulation and a powerful rack of effects.

From Native Instruments

Guitar Rig

NI Guitar Rig 5 ImageWhile originally for electric guitars, this suite of effects from synth-friendly Native Instruments is worth anybody’s time. You’ve got presets that emulate some of the best bass effects out there.

In particular, you get a genuine tone out of a Fender Bassman and some modern-sounding bass amplifiers.

Sure, maybe other plugins could introduce those condenser/dynamic microphone positioning, but NI nails it best with lower CPU use and high quality sound.

Which is your favorite bass plugin?

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Final Thoughts

How’d you like my list of Bass VSTs?

Remember, every one of them has a proper application in a song passage or whatnot.

It’s not all about having one to do everything with, but rather having lots of options allowing you to adjust to every audio situation especially for the bass.

Being a rather ‘hidden’ instrument that could only be ‘felt’, having the best sound brings them out of any beautifully-mixed song!