API 2500 Audio Compressor Waves Plugin [Review]

Everything You Need For A Master Compressor

API 2500 Waves PluginEveryone knows the Waves API. True  right?

API is a company acronym standing for Automated Processes Incorporated.

During the 60s and 70s, the company pioneered using computer controlled mixer automation (which is fairly common today and done digitally through DAWs) and using VCA technology on onboard mixing equipment.

They were also the people responsible for that lunchbox looking rack that engineers put up when they’re outdoors setting up some gig of some sort.
API hardware is hard to come by these days and can be very expensive.

Renowned Audio Plugin Maker Waves made the API 2500 something to think about.

But I advise you not to think after this review. Trust Me!!

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So How Does It All Sound

The API 2500 plugin is API’s leading in-one product that allows you to shape the punch and accuracy of your mixes without much trouble.

Using a dual-channel design, it could introduce two mono signals using a single compression setting.

It’s a compressor, but one that’s capable of housing busses together for compression.

This product is definitely less pricey than the rare analog equipment version, but it’s certainly tops when it comes to its function and sound.

You have the usual

  • Threshold,
  • Attack,
  • Ratio and…
  • Release controls.

The release control is something special simply because while there’s locked settings for the release, you could do a modern release using the grayed-out knob once you place release on its full setting.

It’s definitely a mix compressor no doubt, one that could function better even than modern dynamic compressors.

The Real API 2500 Bus Compressor


While in my studio,

I opted for this compressor because when I set up a slow attack with a normal “thrust” using the API circuit which applies a tilt to the entire frequency spectrum and the old feedback tone type.

The best thing about it? The rock mix I made just sounds so decent I couldn’t believe my ears.

Even when you thought your settings were a bit bland or lacking at the very least, you could still have some natural frequency excitement I have yet to find in other plugins.

I’ve also tested this out on individual tracks.

Inconsistent velocity hits from drums resulted into uniform sounds with retained dynamics with the right settings.

Vocals that tend to go on and off frequencies and volumes now sound as if they’re sung in the right way.

Waves Api 2500 Full ImageI forgot to mention that the API plugin has an analog switch that allows you to create noise and harmonic distortion to replicate the imperfections of analog circuitry.

Some people, like me, like that.

But listening to it, I couldn’t really hear it much.

Unless you kill dynamics using compression, you could bring out the sound.

It also has an increased CPU load, mind you, so beware using this little function that could be useful if you want to create some old recordings.

Final Words

The API 2500 is part of the Waves API Bundle and to be honest,

it takes the cake already despite the other plugins available for use.

Each of them has special uses, but once you hear the API 2500,

you will never feel the same way about your other plugins again!

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