Antelope Audio Pure2 ADDA Converter review [audio interface]

Antelope Audio picturePure in Form, Solid on Impact, Thermostat on Warmth

Anyone would want a pure ADDA converter.

You’ll want that crisp digital clarity with the filtered, organic sound you get from an analog processor.

There’s been lots of times we wanted to get this sound, but not every ADDA converter is good!

Antelope’s Audio Pure2 ADDA converter might just be the magic we need. But then, is it worth it for its price?

Features that it boasts

Pure 2 imageLet’s take a small overview of the device.

The Antelope Audio Pure2 ADDA converter.

It’s a mastering grade converter that’s really great for mastering and even tracking.

You get some sweet 44.1khz with a 24-bit resolution.

Using its AFC (Acoustically Focused Technology), it becomes a clocking device that helps reduce the jitter in recording.

You know what I mean with jitter. It’s very troublesome.

Basically it has every converter’s usual setup. It has an AC power connection. It also has a multi-stage power source that allows it to drive up to good digital clarity while maintain analog beauty.

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Suffice to say, it has a USB data link that allows you to use the converter as an audio interface. I’ve tried it and it works on par with some of the best. Heck, it’s even far better in my opinion because…

So how is it in Use?

Pure2 in rackThe Pure2 uses a digital interface that allows you to have a separate feed for mastering or tracking.

You could play back easily from your DAW while setting the volume control in the app.

It might look like something not so useful because you could always control everything from the hardware, but it’s less confusing if you want to connect things from the monitor.

Also, some desktops require that you don’t move your hardware too much.

Making major adjustments in the hardware is tedious and time-consuming. By re-routing audio using the external digital controller in the computer, you save yourself and your workflow lots of time and effort.

How does it Sound?

Antelope Audio Pure2 reviewOf course, does it sound nice? I bet you it does.

The A/D Conversion is facilitated by the Burr-Brown (TI) A/D Converter PCM 4222, which delivers some powerful analog sound and smoother clipping. Signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced and helps improve my sound.

I usually add analog gain instead of increasing the limiter. I feel a wider and cleaner sound.

To be honest, I was also amazed that it sounds louder and more powerful than using digital DAWs.

With an additional mastering unit and being a powerful audio interface, this is really something else.

Final Words on this Audio Interface

Of course, Pure2 isn’t flawless. But probably the flaw is in its price. It could be quite expensive. The trade-off, however, is worth it.

You get pure, analog sound from your digital recording and you have the clarity of a digital recording.

Another thing is that the Pure2 isn’t purely sound-flawless. In fact, it could be troublesome because it could alter the sound and may not sound very much true-to-source.

It could also reduce some bottom end, so a bit of advice is to be a bit careful with how you use the device, and you’ll get what you’re aiming for. It’ll be worth your money.