Alesis VI61 Midi Keyboard Controller [Review]

The Most Awesome Choice

Alesis VI61 Midi Keyboard ControllerI have no qualms against Alesis. They make fine products.

I love their intuitive mixer boards, DI boxes, everything hardware they make.

I even love this particular keyboard we’re about to review.

For Real!!, I don’t think they should rate this price at $399 for something of this magnitude.

‘The Alesis VI series is one of the best MIDI keyboards available for anybody out there’.

They’ve got the right weiht and size. It has plenty of useful rotary controls to do everything you want with your audio.

While it may be confusing to look at the large quantities of control options and pads, you know you will need them and need them you will.

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Intuitively designed

The grid of controls in front of you on top of your keybed was intuitively designed. I can tell simply because they knew they were going to pack heat into this thing.

In the top left-hand corner are the pitch and modulation wheels. They’re built pretty strong and they won’t slip through your fingers.

The upper section of the keyboard has:

  • 16 rotary dials
  • 48 buttons arranged in three rows and..
  • a four-by-four pad matrix

for beat making or anything your music needs (like samples).

Alesis VI61 Back Angle


More about the 4×4 pads: Their back-lights respond to velocity hits allowing you to know how hard they’ve been hit. They’re pretty useful if you’re playing drums and piano at the same time.

Transport controls allow you to control your Digital Audio Workstation perfectly and you have some Octave Up/Down keys to extend your keyboard range.

Need I mention that Alesis VI series comes with a portable frame that’s made from some sturdy plastic? Yes.

Alesis VI61 From Above

From Above


The trouble with huge grids of knobs, switches and whatnots is that they’re confusing sometimes. Having a dedicated editor changes things and Alesis gives you just that.

You could configure your VST and assign rotaries to your 16 functions. You could use the 48 buttons for parameters that you could assign to your switches.

This makes on-the-fly live performance easier to handle on larger keyboards.

Because Alesis designed the VI series with the live performer in mind, you might think the recording capability of this thing is far from good.

Well, velocity pad backlights and great overall keybed response makes this an awesome tool to record with. LED lights allow me to track the current position of the knobs.

The Alesis VI makes it worth considering a 61-key controller because of the way they presented the idea with the VI-61. It’s a pretty good deal.

Final Thoughts

Months after owning the VI-61, there’s been no trouble at all. The key-bed may have started to squeak, but there’s nothing a little lubricant can fix.

Being a semi-weighted keybed, it allows both kinds of players to enjoy the feel of the keyboard.

Sometimes, synth action keyboards can be a bit too soft for full-weight piano players, but this hits the sweet spot early on (especially for weakling synth action keyboard players like me).

Overall, buy this product. For its price, it’s a sure winner.

I’d buy another one to replace my old one if it ever gets broken,  Great job, Alesis.

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