AKG K712 PRO Studio Headphone [Review]

The Most Accurate And Dynamic It Can Get!

AKG K712 Pro ImageEver heard of a pair of cans that sound dynamic with enough clarity and clean and doesn’t distort easily while being comfortable?

It’s also super-sensitive despite displaying some great neutrality?

Well, that’s the AKG K712.

Unbelievable but for the price range, it has to be! ASD

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The AKG has a Solid Design

AKG K712 Great Headphone DesignThe K712 PRO has matched drivers that deliver flat frequency response while having a very wide soundstage.

It comes with a mini XLR cable. Yes, you could connect this to a balanced line for better detail hunting and pinpointing your sound design accordingly.

The drivers work flawlessly for the sound design because of its open-backed design.

While the clamp force is less than ample, this could be resolved quickly by just trying to “fold” it a bit inward then adjust it to fit.

It has a rated impedance of 62 Ohms, so you’ll have less trouble using it with your smartphone or portable player.

Meanwhile, it’s moderately lightweight weighing at 235g.

The built is not so much like a tank, but the high quality plastics feel solid in the hands.

While its elasticity could lose bearing over time, that is a problem that can easily be addressed in the future.

Neutral & Natural Sound

AKG K712 Frequency ResponseTo be honest, playing these with my smartphone player for the first time,

I wasn’t disappointed with the ample volume it had.

Sometimes, the mark of a good pair of cans is possibly the volume it has.

Listening to it straight, the bass is very deep and extended. It has enough bump that gives it pronunciation, but does not color the other frequencies. It has a very tight and fast bass and it sounds pretty much controlled.

Listening to the mids, I found they weren’t recessed at all. They’re quite roomy but does not introduce too much air. One can listen to vocals without having to worry about coloration. It sounds neutral and natural. They never sound hollow or recessed at all!

Meanwhile, the treble isn’t really troublesome, but as a professional audio headphone, the K712 does best what it’s intended for, it reveals the entirety of the sound. This is a problem when you’re amping the headphones; because of their accuracy, it’s difficult to give a boost to certain frequencies that you need when it comes to mixing.

AKG 712 Reference HeadphonesThe soundstage is spectacular with great 3D realism.

Other K7 products I’ve encountered in the past had so much trouble in this area because they tend to sound having a troublesome soundstage.

The AKG has some impressive dynamics that responds to sound organically but it can be frustrating for some mixing and mastering engineers.

Some of the mixes could sound flat and lifeless with others while some sounds may sound more extremely dynamic mixing with the K712.

Final Words

For a mid-priced pair of cans, AKG’s K712 is something to ogle at in terms of comfort and weight.

The sound is beyond impeccable at this price range.

Despite the clarity you get, I believe the pair of headphones fits more with audio engineers rather than some entertainment system you could enjoy.

Unless you’re not an audiophile, considering having the AKG K712.

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